Kindlers is a single-player, puzzle game prototype

Built for the Global Game Jam 2016, Kindlers was Developed over the course of 48 hours. I was the sole programmer and technical artist for a team of five (Game Designer, 3D Modeller, 2D Artist, Sound Designer).

The puzzle mechanic involved aligning multiple fire birds, slightly offset in position and rotation, while each following the same input. The game consisted of five fully playable levels.


As the sole programmer on the team, I had a hefty list of tasks:

The goal of the game was to align each character on glowing targets at the same time

I also worked on the cloth simulation for the characters

In addition to programming, I also acted as the Art Director for the game, leading the overall aesthetic choices for the game. While most of the assets were created by teammates, the visuals were assembled and implemented by myself.